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My web site shows real or model railroad pictures. Usually around central Wisconsin, USA. Some of the 4-year-old links below aren't going to work. If you see a topic of interest and can't get to it, let me know and maybe I'll find the old file and re-load it.

Pick a page from the list below. The newest are on the top of the list.

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bruce . .. oldn . . 2 n 7 at gm . . . ail dot com and push it all together to make an email address, I give it this way to confuse email harvesters.
Don't use any of my old Charter email addresses, there's problems with those.
I dont' read my email very often, maybe twice a month.

Here's my favorite Links of the year.
I put this updated this link December 21, 2019
Waupaca depot webcam
or look up the words
'Waupaca depot webcam'
and if the first youtube page doesn't show a LIVE view, go to the right of that page and scroll through the offerings to find a LIVE Waupaca Depot webcam. Or search youtube using the words Virtual Railfan Waupaca Wi

For current train topics for my area, central Wisconsin,
I just got on facebook and I don't know much about it but I read messages and see Joe's pictures and I am learning.
Facebook CN Wisconsin page

I also belong to the wisrail and SooLineHistory groups for historical topics, but I haven't read them very often, either.

I had a 1 apps free web site for showing my Kite Aerial Photography and my equipment,
but it was a free website and it went away. They didn't even tell me that would happen. So, those pages are not available until I find a free host that might last more than a year.

Most of my aerial pictures with trains are already shown on my TrainWeb site.

Other links
extreme weather RR photogr group on a Flickr picture site.

K Madsen Flickr great pictures of Duluth and other areas.

LS&I 3000 rolling through Palmer Line Jct October 1, 2003, Palmer Line Jct Michigan
and also look for the switch job at Pluto

TrainLife The Premier Online Resource for Model Train Hobbyists, with many back issues of hobby magazines

Canadian Railway Observations for good monthly webpages

I finished this picture project,
Chippewa Valley and
Western Wis Abandonned RRs CD.

Sand plant at Valley Junction , a 2020 web page showing some scenes from 2012.

Junction City Railroading June 2020

My scale model of Lil Charley Missisissippi River tow boat posted in June 2020,
with simulated model pictures of the Mississippi River and my Milwaukee Road pontoon floating swing drawbridge.

The Little Rag Mill of Plover Whiting is a railroad and paper mill web page that was originally written in 2009, and then it disappeared when web servers changed five years ago. I updated it with some new pictures and the page is back in June 2020. The page also has the link to the Library of Congress with more views of the paper mill from 40 years ago.

Stevens Point Railroad Switch Engines , several SW's in April 2020, and the Pulliam Power Company yellow Alco

Modeling the Milwaukee Road Pontoon Swing Draw Bridges in Spring 2020

Just another Q train passing through Stevens Point in Spring 2020

Red Blinking Light on a Locomotive March 2020

The one thing that is definite in central Wisconsin is the coronavirus has stolen all the toilet paper from the store shelves in March.
Which is hard to imagine, considering the miles of toilet paper made in Wisconsin.

Little Train Wreck in Plover March 2020

Here is a web page that's 9 years old, and I should take fresh pictures again, with better equipment and in better weather.
This page is an aerial view of the east side of the big Consolidated paper and pulp mill in Wisconsin Rapids, in 2011,
Wisconsin Rapids 2011 with a panoramic view of the mill and railroad scenes like the former GBW east yard.
Rapids crossing the river by the big paper mill, September 2012
That mill is too big to model, it's a mile long. But it is impressive to look at.

Stevens Point rail yard aerial view in February 2020

Bruce's Crossing Railway and Navigation Company model railroad gets an Engine House in February 2020

New shingles for the Bancroft depot February 2020

A Flambeau River railroad adventure at the Soo Line Library in February 2020

A Q train through Stevens Point in January 2020

Plover Train to Stevens Point in Winter 2019 - 2020

The Artic Run Model RR show is Feb 1-2, 2020, at the Holiday Inn, Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
I will display my model operating snowplows there, the first time in a while.

An Aerial view of Stevens Point rail yard in January of 2020

Railroading plans for the new year 2020 and asking for help to guide a railfan through central Wisconsin

Potash Train in Stevens Point and a white winter December 2019

The Pleasant Valley extension of my model railroad in 2019

Christmas Lights on the Model Railroad which is my Christmas 'card' this year.
I converted some lights into model railroad signals.

Scale Model Plans for a Milwaukee Road Pontoon Float Swing Bridge

Canadian National Santa train in Stevens Point December 3, 2019

Trackmobiles of Port Edwards and Nekoosa in 2019 , and the Nekoosa daily train.

Trains from Wausau to Junction City in 2019

Potash Train passing through Stevens Point in 2019; a picture study of the unique hoppers.

Railroad Fire Safety Training in Stevens Point in 2019

Painting the Bancroft Depot in 2019

The Vetter Switch in 2019, and one view of the Black Bridge of Stevens Point.

Stevens Point Roundhouse 2019 , with aerial views of the area, also showing distant views of the depot and yard.

The Tomorrow River Trail Railroad Bridge in 2019

Coal Train near Rudolph in 2019

Rocky Run Train and some pictures of oil and sand in Hiawatha by Junction City, in September 2019

The PTC one car train with caboose GTW 79197 in September 2019

Stevens Point Railroad Yard Switchers in July 2019; I am catching up on old news.

Stevens Point Railroad Car Shop , an aerial view in 2019, and the steam locomotive in the Southside Park, Soo 2713

A train crossing the Black Bridge in an aerial view in September, 2019

Fly a Camera from a Kite from a Boat with a Periscope , a special combination of equipment to get an aerial picture

The swampy side of the railroad yard with an aerial view from the Plover River (2019)

Railroad School in Plover, Wisconsin in 2019

The Black Bridge of Stevens Point in 2019

It's time to revisit a web page from last year because I learned yesterday what the caboose was doing in Rapids last year.
See my updated August 2019 page about Caboose GTW 79197 in Wisconsin Rapids that was working there in September 2018. It has something to do with the implemenation of Positive Train Control

The Railroad goes to the Cannery in August, 2019

I put some older historic pictures on the bridgehunter website, about the railroad trestle and mill pond and the Tomorrow River Cooperative former feed mill in downtown Amherst, Wisconsin.
Tomorrow River Dam
And if you search their site with the word Amherst, you can find the underpass of the Wisconsin Central / CN, with pictures and some history.

Railroad Coal Power at Wisconsin Public Service Weston

I had plans to see the UP Big Boy steam as it came across Wisconsin, but I didn't see it anywhere. A storm came through on Saturday July 20, 2019; and we were been busy running the generator for 3 days and cleaning up 4 trees that blew down. The cable TV and Internet were available about a third of that time. For a while, 90,000 people in central and Northern Wisconsin were without power.

Are you watching those Waupaca trains again? , my story of the Waupaca depot web cam. 2019.

Little Chute Windmill aerial pictures in 2014, on my Flikr page. It was a new windmill for Wisconsin.

The Train at the Stevens Point Paper Mill , the story of where the Plover turn goes everyday.

The new Marshfield Box Factory has it's rail spur in June 2019

Wisconsin Rapids railroad yard aerial views, 2019

Amherst Junction Train in June, 2019

Bessemer 901 Locomotive in Wisconsin Rapids in June, 2019

Sand Train through the Wisconsin Rapids Industrial Park in June, 2019; with aerial views.

another Oil Can train through Wisconsin Rapids May 2019

Stevens Point railroad yard May 2019

Many more locomotives with CN 100 logo , brand new, May 28 2019

CN 100 logo on a new GE locomotive 3218 in Wisconsin Rapids, May 2019

WC 1560 locomotive on the move from Stevens Point, May 2019

New spur to the box factory in Marshfield, May 2019

Oil Can Train in Wisconsin Rapids April 2019

more new rail power in Wisconsin Rapids April 2019

high water in Wisconsin Rapids April 2019

Oil train through Wisconsin Rapids April 2019

New locomotives passing through Wisconsin Rapids April 2nd, 2019

Rapids sunshine on snow March 2019 before the snow melted in rain

Stevens Point Locomotives 2019

Snowy February on the railroad 2019

Point trains and the Arctic Run train show in early February 2019

A Mission to measure a bridge that isn't there , the Park Falls Paper Company Railroad Bridge over the Flambeau River

Wisconsin Rapids UP train 2019

January Wisconsin Railroading 2019

Mild Winter Railroading in December 2018

Stevens Point railroading in November 2018

the GMTX 226 switch engine at the big paper mill in Wisconsin Rapids

I did find an interesting link about the movement of the Domtar 1001 locomotive to its new home at the MidContinent Railway Museum November 30, 2018. It is shown by Jeffrey L. with some very interesting photography from a quad copter in some difficult weather and lighting conditions.
YouTube Domtar locomotive 1001 to MidContinent museum November 30, 2018
I didn't know the locomotive had left central Wisconsin, but I am glad to see the YouTube report. My most recent picture of it was from 2017 on my web page
Domtar 1001 and a Titan Trackmobile in Nekoosa in the Summer of 2017, my last picture of the Domtar 1001.

Two Locomotives in Plover

Stevens Point Paper Mill

Wisconsin Rapids Retirement Run

Stevens Point Rail Car Shop and trains passing by

a train going over the Wisconsin River and to Biron and the Nine Dragons paper mill

Mississippi River Railroading near Winona, Minnesota

MHLX 702 in Wisconsin Rapids , a small blue GP in town

Wisconsin Rapids railroad yard work

Colby Box Factory PCA, and one view of the new plant in Marshfield

A Nekoosa Junction Train in September 2018

Trackmobiles in Nekoosa and a view of the NEPCO former paper mill in Port Edwards, September 2018

A Soo Line 2713 historic Steam Train Open House was on September 22, 2018. This was the same weekend as the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society Convention in Stevens Point. It was a very good convention, I hadn't been to one in years.

Caboose GTW 79197 in Wisconsin Rapids in September 2018; and I think it left after 2 weeks.

One BNSF and a coal train in Wisconsin Rapids September 2018

CiT 1542 blue locomotive in Wisconsin Rapids , an MP15DC switcher for just one sunny morning, August 23, 2018

CN 1566 in Plover Wisconsin , this little town has 2 switch engines during August 2018

My items for the Soo Line Auction , I just bought some Soo Line steam engine pictures from an estate sale and will donate them to the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society auction coming up September 22, 2018. But I didn't purchase the $75 rail drill, 4 feet long and 80 lbs. I am putting in a SOO LINE window wash brush.

MPEX 1506 locomotive on the move , a WE Energies switch engine passing through Wisconsin Rapids August 6 2018

Hiawatha Sand Train by Junction City, Wisconsin.

The Abbotsford Railroad Depot is actually not a depot anymore, but it is pretty architecture.

Stevens Point Depot Trains July 2018

Coal Train in Wisconsin Rapids (actually an empty, but its still an ok story)

BNSF Sand Train in Wisconsin Rapids June, July, 2018

a Loram Ballast Cleaner leaving Rapids July 2nd

the railroad depot in Owen

Powerful Point and a Tier 4 Diesel in town.

a new tower for Wisconsin Rapids

A Variety of Sand Hoppers all in one train.

More Colorful Locomotives in Wisconsin Rapids

Colorful Locomotives in Wisconsin Rapids

Industrial Park Trains

In central Wisconsin on May 4th, 2018, the amazing 19" of snow from 3 weeks ago has all melted.

Spring Snow on the Railroad , I am cleaning up with some Winter pictures, knowing Spring has finally come to central Wisconsin.

old Boston and Maine Sand Hoppers

Titletown Train Show is on Saturday Sunday April 28, 29, 2018 Green Bay, Wisconsin

Crossing the Wisonsin River on a calm morning (quad copter time) and most of the ice has melted. March 2018

A Ferromex Locomotive in Wisconsin Rapids , that's another color for all those sand trains.

Completional frac sand in Marshfield is quiet, it's the former TexSand plant

A Grand Rapids Winter aerial view in Wisconsin Rapids

Train stalled on the hill? at mile post 54, Wisconsin Rapids

A look at Point trains

Rapids Winter Crossing with views of the frozen and snow covered Wisconsin River.

Rapids Sunday Train and a view of mile post 51, and a Loram rail grinder

Rapids GREX Ballast Train

Arctic Run Model Railroad show and sale, February 3, 4; 2018; 9 -5; 9- 3; (per TravelWisconsin web and Wis travel events) Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center 1001 Amber Ave, Stevens Point, WI

The 2nd Annual Red Cedar Train Show was Saturday and Sunday, January 6 - 7 2018 in Menomonie, Wis

Cold Wisconsin Rapids Trains , I can't take a picture of how cold it is, but you will get the idea.

A big train through Plover on the Sunday before Christmas, 2017

Wisconsin Rapids Rail Winter its December in Wisconsin, and some snow is here. 2017

Cattails and Towers , there's more improvements on the railroad north of Wisconsin Rapids

Duluth Ships , a nice trip to the head of the Lakes

In early November 2017, central Wisconsin had 2 light snows and it melted.

The Stevens Point Hoover Avenue new overpass is open over the tracks, but I haven't made a web page about it yet.

Here's 2 pages for a Rice Lake question on Yahoo Soo Line History group Nov 2017
Rice Lake 2006 rail spur , some 2006 pictures and historical notes, re-posted in 2017

Wisconsins Rapids Autumn Rail Color 2017 and the golden valley of the Grand Rapids

Wisconsins Rapids gets a Railroad Signal , CTC is coming to town

Wisconsins Rapids Rail Oiler

Sand train parking jam in Wisconsin Rapids, and a look at Thiele Clay.

Plover Potatoes and the Railroad

Orange EJE locomotive in Wisconsin Rapids

Wisconsin Rapids Coal Train 2017

A Train crossing a lot of water in Wisconsin Rapids

A Variety of power on frac sand trains in Wisconsin Rapids

A few minutes at the Yard Limit

Hi Rail Guzzler Truck

Sand Train Saw By in Wisconsin Rapids

CN 4100 in Wisconsin Rapids , a geep that's as old as I am.

Titan Trackmobile in Nekoosa , something new in the Summer of 2017; and a look at Port Edwards

What's this PRLX 1449 and what's it doing in my yard?

The Silver Coach in 2003 , the Glen Flora, Barney and Smith sleeper that is part of a restaurant.

Love those Grand Rapids , with some aerial views of a lot of water and some little trains in Wisconsin Rapids.

Looking at MOW and hard drives that are making delays.
My 4-year old portable hard drive quit, and I have lots of pictures and not much time to go back to my SD cards to move the picture files again.

Plover and the blue GT on the railroad, May, 2017

Sand Train Set Out of power in Wisconsin Rapids

The Hoover Avenue Overpass May 2017 is under construction in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Port Edwards Paper Mill 9 years ago and comparing the pulp mill to what it looks like now.

Old Soldiers working on the Railroad in Wisconsin Rapids , 2 GP9's are in town in May, 2017.

Grand Rapids of the Wisconsin River with some aerial views

Plover railroad Switch Engine and some aerial views of this little yard.

Titletown Train Show, April 29, 30; 2017 Green Bay, WI

BNSF Sand Trains in Wisconsin Rapids in March 2017

CN 7027 is in Wisconsin Rapids , a venerable little old switch engine, and a week later I added 2 more pictures of this area.

Wisconsin River thaw and the paper mill switch jobs

Holland is working on the Railroad with on-site locomotive service

Yellow Locomotives to Blair the sand trains are getting colorful

a Lot of Motive Power on the Railroad just 7 engines on a Sunday

Sand Train in the snow passing through Wisconsin Rapids

Kershaw snow plow in Plover in 2008

CNW snow plowing with an Alco from 1977 near Milroy, Minnesota. A repost of a favorite old web page.

January Railroad Snow 2017 in central Wisconsin

Two Rivers Model Planes, Trains, and Tractors show is scheduled for Jan 29, 2017

The First annual Red Cedar Train Show was Jan. 7,8, 2017 at the UW-Stout Indoor Fieldhouse, Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA.

The 20th Arctic Run Model RR show Stevens Point, WIs. was Sat - Sun January 21, 22, 2017

I moved this link to the top of the page for the Winter,
Snow Plowing Easy As Pie 2011 model RR snow plows, a Jordan spreader and a Leslie rotary snow blower. first posted February 2011

New Year Rail news 2017 for central Wisconsin.

Railroad Winter In Wisconsin Rapids , some switching moves in December 2016

Marshfield Rail 2016 , some Winter rail scenes in central Wisconsin

A Coal and a Rail Train in Wisconsin Rapids

Granite for the Green Circle trail

Around the Wisconsin Rapids mill , an aerial survey of a really big place.

Coal and Daylight , aerial views of Wisconsin Rapids.

A small Neenah Industry that you could model.

JO is Junction City

Rocky Run North on the Railroad , a busy siding northwest of Stevens Point.

Football Locomotive at Rothschild, Wisconsin.

Soo Line 2442 60th Anniversary

Lake Dubay Railroading and a look at rail traffic headed to northern Wisconsin

The Fairchild Caboose display and our trip to Chippewa Falls

Steven Point Rail Car Shops aerial view, and the Soo 2713 park.

Copper Harbor Vacation with some ships and museums

Sand Train double header night in Wisconsin Rapids, July 2016

Many of these pages of late 2015 to early 2016 won't link until I re-upload. I might not reload some that aren't historically significant. Contact me if there is a page you are interested in.

Rail Grinder 316 in Wisconsin Rapids

An End Loader and a Deere working on the railroad

Plover RR Milepost 0.43 and the re-numbered track around Plover, Wisconsin.

GMTX 200 Switch Engine at the big paper mill in Rapids.

BNSF Sand Train in Wisconsin Rapids in June 2016.

WC1560 in Wisconsin Rapids in June 2016. Yep, an SW 1500 that is still in WC paint

Plover RR Street Crossing Replacement done in May 2016.

Iola Caboose Tent

Coal Train in Wisconsin Rapids passing by Badgers

Little Geeps in Wisconsin Rapids with a Spring picture of the paper mill.

Plover Construction, new RR crossing signs, and work in the historical park.

Springtime Rail Maintenance

CryoTrans at WOW

French Fries on the Rails, a quick evening look at a train working in Golden Sands, Wisconsin, USA

March Snow on the Rails, a Spring snowstorm in 2016.

Rail Train passing through Stevens Point

Point Roundhouse in 2016 with kite aerial views

WC SW 1500 , there's plenty in Stevens Point in March 2016

February trains 2016 ; some real, some model

Air Forced 1 on the railroad in February 2016, and links to my older snow plowing web pages

January 2016 Trains

Point Container Train

January Snow 2016

New Year news 2016 , mostly about the Point paper mill that is up for sale or closure.

Dog's Breakfast , a most unusual lashup of locomotives.

Model Train Show Stevens Point, Wis, Jan 16-17, 2016 Arctic Run
Sat. Jan. 30, 2016, La Crosse Tri-State Rail Sale
La Crosse train show and Doll House Miniatures, Saturday - Sunday , March 12-13, 2016

Stevens Point Trains 2015 , catching up with a few months of pictures to get up to the first snow December 2nd.

Wood Tick pulpwood train in Wisconsin.

Roundhouse Roof repair in Wisconsin Rapids

Wisconsin River crossing in 2015

Autumn color in Wisconsin Rapids in October 2015

Sand trains in Wisconsin Rapids are still running in 2015.

An ALCO and a Rumely in Stevens Point

There was an Open House at the steam locomotive Soo 2713 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Saturday September 19, 2015
See the news section of Soo 2713 org

Rail grinder in Wisconsin Rapids

Notes about irrigation and a train and a night time incident.

17th Avenue Trains in Wisconsin Rapids

Skyward Trains in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. And one quick picture of an SW in WC paint.

Riding the Rails in Style , an inspection train that went to Arcadia.

Rapids Sand Trains Summer 2015

the Plutos that I know , Pluto water, and the French Lick railway.

Black Bridge canoe trip with a kite aerial view.

I didn't know that oil trains come through Wisconsin Rapids

I moved my lost Necedah old webpage to the Trainweb site
Necedah Loop 2010

Watkins railroad in Winona, Minnesota

Red Wing Minnesota

Golden Sands train 2015

Trains passing at Whitt

Plover Wisconsin Trains , a variety in May, 2015

cleaning the wye in Wisconsin Rapids

Point trains and the pairs of SW's in May 2015.

Wisconsin Rapids Dam train and an aerial view of the former Grand Rapids.

Stevens Point trains in April 2015

early Spring and a variety of trains in central Wisconsin.

Rail Grinder in Plover

ice melt in Wisconsin Rapids in Spring 2015

Baldwin 2 6 2 Tank Logging Locomotives with notes about the Flambeau Paper no. 2

New London Drawbridge

Rapids Rails over the Wisconsin River

One Last Look at the Whiting Mill , the former Consolidated / New Page mill in Whiting, Wisconsin

Skyward Trains in Stevens Point

Zorn Air for Trains at the new air compressor house at Wisconsin Rapids.

variety of train locomotives in central Wisconsin USA, January 2015

Ore Train through Stevens Point

night time on the railroad , two night pictures.

cold railroading 2015

what may be in 2015 , paper mills changing hands, and thoughts about future photography projects.

Ballast for Stevens Point and a snowman picture for the Holidays.

Vetters and the Black Bridge, some kite aerial photography on the west side of Stevens Point.

NS power in Plover and a change in mile markers.

25th Avenue Trains from the Whitehall subdivision, the west side of Wisconsin Rapids.


The 1apps free web site quit working in 2019. it was my kitehorizonpoint page, for my Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) pages that were not related to railroad topics.

November 2014 Stevens Point trains and the big train that goes to Rapids via Plover.

Variety of rail scenes of central Wisconsin in November of 2014.

More unusual locomotives in central Wisconsin in 2014

Safety Fuels Success showing the new fuel facility in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Also, some other trains in town.

GMTX 200 Locomotive in Wisconsin Rapids and one night picture of the mill's pretty lights relecting on the water.

Autumn Railroad Color in Wisconsin Rapids 2014

La Crosse and Onalaska trains in October, 2014

Track Maintenance in Wisconsin Rapids in October 2014.

Other Locomotives adding color to the trains that I see in the middle of Wisconsin.

The former Basic American company in Plover is now GCAM and Produce Processors

Stevens Point Round House aerial view in 2014.

Utter Destruction of the Whiting Paper Mill in August, 2014.

Railroad Diesel Fuel in Stevens Point where the old tank is down and a new building is going up. (August 2014)

Nekoosa Safety Train Flag

Sand Train rolling into Wisconsin Rapids from Taylor.

Erie GE Plant by guest columnist Jon R

No more rails by the brewery , the north two miles of the former GBW line to Stevens Point is GONE in July 2014
2004 Whiting rails and remembering better days.

Around the railroad curves of Wisconsin Rapids and a look at a BCOL locomotive.

Rails ripped out of Whiting Wisconsin paper mill in July, 2014.

Railfans of the Black Hills in the first week of June 2014.

Trains out west . . . . (not very far west) on the way to South Dakota

Big crane and pulp washer drums in Wisconsin Rapids

A new Shuttlewagon Commander track mobile in Wisconsin Rapids.

Big Crane in Wisconsin Rapids at the paper mill.

Little GP 4711 and 4100 in Wisconsin.

Destruction of the Whiting Paper Mill in May 2014

Coal Trains at Whit

Here's a good RR map website, Railfan Atlas and they put a big red line on maps showing railroads, and have some links to flickr pictures.

colorful trains in Wisconsin Rapids in April 2014

Same train different days , a study of freight and engines on the big trains that pass through Plover, Wisconsin.

new warehouse in Stevens Point

Railroad visitors in Wisconsin Rapids

Change of Seasons

Get Switched in Port Edwards and a look at the 'shuttle'.

Death of the Whiting Paper Mill , it's coming down in March 2014.

Small snow plows on the railroad

It's been too cold to enjoy outdoor photography, now its time for some indoor model railroading and making a curved track switch

Railroad visitors in Wisconsin Rapids

Allis Chalmers and the Railroad and notes about hauling farm equipment.

January Winter in Wisconsin Rapids

Railroad Snow Removal in the tight spaces of a rail yard.

Wisconsin Winter January 2014

CREX 1320 in Wisconsin Rapids new white Citi Rail locos Jan 13, 2014.

Nekoosa Mill Railroad

Foodliner and pneumatic tube rail cars transloading in Plover, Wisconsin.

Stevens Point Railroad Winter with some red CN color among the snow flakes in December 2013.

Whit coal train in December 2013

Train web gave me another 100mb of space, so now I have room for new pages and can still keep many of the good historic ones. Their site is very good.

Autumn ended and there's snow on the rails now and ice on the Wisconsin River.

Copper Country Aerial views of great old stamp mills around Houghton, Michigan

Brush cutting along the railroad

Anderson Fertilizer in Wisconsin Rapids and their new dry storage facility

Railroad stop sign at a crossing by the paper mill in Wisconsin Rapids.

Golden Sands train and the first snow of October, 2013.

trains at Coyne on the east side of Wisconsin Rapids. October 2013.

Aberdeen abandonned railroad and the old line to Markham, Washington.

Stevens Point westbound

SW 7 in Wisconsin Rapids in September 2013.

The Aberdeen Drawbridge on the west coast.

The next page is on the Nex gen site and that's gone, I will have to move it to an active site.
Whiting Paper Mill 2013, as seen from the river, and with a kite aerial view. This Wisconsin mill closed in 2011.

New bridge is going to where? Here's an interesting load seen in Wisconsin Rapids.

Switching at Waupaca Foundry 1 in July 2013, posted in August.

Rail Trains in Wisconsin Rapids July 2013

Oshkosh Bascule Drawbridge is taking shape in July 2013

Weyauwega Rails

Gills Landing in July 2013. A close look at a railroad drawbridge that probably doesn't open often.

Three days of Rapids trains in June of 2013.

Cleveland Park in Dubuque Iowa and a great view of the Mississippi River.

Wisconsin Rapids Trains in June of 2013

Plover Train in June 2013, a typical switch job starting their day.

Stevens Point Car Shop aerial view.

Stevens Point P Line at Patch Street , aerial view, and I was lucky to see a train coming in .

Stevens Point Roundhouse aerial view.

Stevens Point Depot aerial views in May 2013.

Here's my pictures of the Waupaca Depot in 2012 and I'm finally showing it almost a year later.
Strawberry Fest Train Show is coming June 15-16, 2013.

We interupt this regulary scheduled web page to bring you news of a Missing Building by the Stevens Point roundhouse.
Maybe we took so many pictures of the old crew section house
that our digital cameras sucked the photons out of it and it became . . . . . . . invisible.

Stevens Point Depot aerial views in May 2013. (same page as shown in the series of aerials above)

J lashed to an SW , an unusual combination of engines would only happen in Point?

Frac Sand In Marshfield along the mainline.

Another Trackmobile in Wisconsin Rapids at Brokaw Corn.

Snow Squall in Wisconsin Rapids and the orange EJE 660 locomotive.

Oshkosh Drawbridge April 2013 , aerial view with old center pivot in place yet.

Pre-Spring Trains in Wisconsin Rapids April, 2013.

Brice Prairie Trains , this aint in the center of Wisconsin.

More Trains and the orange EJE

Plover Trains in March 2013.
Golden Sands railroading

Paper Mill Crossing in Wisconsin Rapids, with some scenes of the former GBW roundhouse, too.

February trains in Rapids and Point.

Packing the sidings around Rapids

Nekoosa railroad by the paper mill.

Two Trains around Wisconsin Rapids

Sun after the Snow on the railroad.

Trains and Snowflakes January 3013

BrRRRRRuces cold railroad pictures in January 2013.

Snow is going away in early January 2013

Wisconsin Rapids trains in the first days of January 2013.

More Snow in Wisconsin , posted December 29, 2012

More Wisconsin snow on the rails December 20, 2012.

Wisconsin Rapids Sperry Rail Detector seen earlier on the Whitehall sub, before it snowed.

December snow on the rails in 2012.

Soo Line Rail Detector 700 white van in 1977.

Stevens Point Trains the day after Thanksgiving 2012

Night scenes in Wisconsin Rapids with the little gp 7 passing through, and a Mopac caboose.
If this night time black page doesn't appear ok on your monitor with readable words by every picture, please contact me at the address in the box to the right.

Plover Railroading with the little gp's.

Election Day Snow and first snow of this season.

WC 1570 in Rapids October 2012.

Union Pacific through Wisconsin Rapids , a mixed freight train.

Colorful Weston Coal

Switching Wisconsin Rapids

Plover big train October 2012

Rapids crossing September 2012

Indianhead crossing railroading in Chippewa Falls.

Water Street has a new track layout in Stevens Point

Coal train through Wisconsin Rapids

Workin on the railroad at Thiele Clay in Wisconsin Rapids

Black Bridge upgrade in Stevens Point

More sand through Wisconsin Rapids with a study of covered hoppers .

Sand train through Rapids and details of hoppers running on the Whitehall Sub.

Mentone on the Valley Line , about a little station stop that aint there no more.

MOW in Wisconsin Rapids and the CN 1501 inspection car

Magnum Trackmobile at Thiele Clay in Wisconsin Rapids.

Black Bridge maintenance in Stevens Point.

Central Wisconsin Rails in June , catching up on train pix from May and June.

Two blue GT switch jobs in Plover and Whiting, Wisconsin.

Lumber Companies of Park Falls and a historic question about which was which.

Kenosha Industry , the last page of our visit to southeastern Wisconsin.

Kenosha Street Cars

More new sand in Marshfield , more big new sand silos in 2012

Kenosha vacation , Jelly Belly, and Frank's diner.

CN 4100 in Plover , a classic little CN loco.

Industry that you can model without squeezing a lot out of the plan.

rail news in Wisconsin Rapids , new ballast and ties for the Taylor line.

Blue GT in Plover posted in May 2012.

Friends of the Chief Wawatam, We now have a Chief Wawatam/Facebook Page and also a
website for the Chief at: Chief Wawatam railroad car ferry.
Please share with the R.R. community. Thanks, Doug Taylor 2012

Loram rail grinder in Rapids . . . . . Different week, different Loram than last week.

Loram Shoulder Ballast Cleaner in Rapids

Reflections of a great paper mill

March trains 2012

Blueberry Line under high water in the 1890's.

Marshfield Rails and sand in Spring 2012

yellow switch engine NREX 2531 passing through Wisconsin Rapids

Flambeau Paper RR history project

The Western Wisconsin Abandonned Rails history CD is done after so many years. Thank you for waiting.

Wausau Railroading and one view of the 3M shingle granule plant.

Valley Junction Frac Sand 2012

Stora Enso Locomotive 1 in 2005 is an old page moved to an accessible location. Also has links to other web pages of the Wisconsin Rapids paper mill switchers.

HWCX 7132 and 30 new covered hoppers for sand loading.

It snowed 2 inches Feb 10th, 2012. Central Wisconsin now has 3 inches on the ground, and temps in the single digits for a day.

UP Coal in Wisconsin Rapids Feb 2012

CN 4028 in Wisconsin Rapids January 31, 2012.

Saturday Trains in Stevens Point Wisconsin January 21, 2012

Snow and cold and switch locomotives

On January 12th, 2012, central Wisconsin got 4 inches of snow. This will last.

Frozen Wisconsin River Again , different day, different engine, same area as last week.

Frozen Wisconsin River January 2012

Trains in Stevens Point December 2011

Trains in December 2011 posted mid-December 2011.

Wet Winter trains in Stevens Point in early December 2011.

Paper Mill Flatcar Table and wood chip gons.

Trains around central Wisconsin, November 2011 from November 18 - 24th

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My Medary Semaphore page was originally wrote in 2005. And in 2011, I added some pictures from 1947.
Follow-up Notes on Medary Semaphore

Trains around central Wisconsin, Autumn 2011 posted Nov 20, 2011.

Whiting Mill 2011 aerial views months after the closing.

On November 9th, it snowed 5 inches in Stevens Point, wet and heavy . . . . . power was out for 4 hours. Antigo had over a foot of snow.
It hasn't melted yet, but it probably will on Sunday in the warmer weather predicted.

Little Critter in Marshfield at the new Texsand frac sand plant.

Stevens Point yard 2011 aerial views

Oshkosh Drawbridge 2011 , a start of construction.

UP coal in Wisconsin

Black Bridge canoe view on two pages.

Stoughton ballast train with some Wisconsin Southern red power.

Marshfield Frac Sand Loading

busy trains in central Wisconsin in September 2011

DOTX 219 in Wisconsin Rapids , the FRA inspection car. Sept 12, 2011

Smiling Tank Car GATX 50892

Here's three web pages about the Chief Wawatam and the Straits.
. . the St. Ignace Ferry Apron Fell in 2011

. . St. Ignace Ferry Apron in 2009 before the tower fell.

. . Link to some newer scans of my old slides of the Chief Wawatam in 1979 . I have older web pages of these, but these are larger scans. Some people have printed from my small scans of these slides years ago, but these are bigger files than what I had on my web page that I made in 2003.


Crossing Paths with the GTW 4610

Colorful Wisconsin Rapids

Wisconsin Rapids 2011 with a panoramic view of the mill and railroady scenes like the former GBW east yard.

Appleton Fox River railroading July 2011

Stevens Point railroading July 2011

Whit siding

Tie train in Wisconsin Rapids

Muscatine vacation

--> Soo 2713 Centennial Celebration 2011

Nekoosa Railroading May 2011

Centennial for Soo 2713 is coming up May 28, 2011

BLURR Portable Model RR

Reflections 2011 and a glimpse of a new switch engine at Wisconsin Rapids

Sand Plant 2011 , a new industry being built in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Wisconsin River high water 2011

Stevens Point River Aerials 2011
Stevens Point Yard Aerials 2011

New Spur in Wisconsin Rapids

Amherst Junction 2011

Nelson Siding 2011

End of Whiting Paper Mill rail traffic 2011

On Feb 2nd, 2011, it snowed heaps from Missouri to Indiana, and southeastern Wisconsin, but not here.

Union Pacific in Wisconsin Rapids January 2011

Frozen River with switch jobs in Wisconsin Rapids, January 2011

Whiting Paper Mill Rails 2011, near the end of a century of rail traffic to this large mill that will close in Feb 2011.

December Train Notes (early Dec 2010) with aerials of Stevens Point yard and the Green Bay push-pull

These wont link anymore, if you are interested, please contact me: Plover Wye aerials and a 1916 map with the P-line

Marshfield Fire Dept 2010 in a new building, and a picture of an old Soo caboose fire. Posted September 2010
with a second page of the Caboose in 1973 with Keith's story of the fire

railfan gps route Whiting Wisconsin, August 2010

railfan GPS route Wisconsin Rapids August 2010

railfan GPS route Nekoosa August 2010

GBW yard East of the Wisconsin River Nov, 2009 and Wis Rapids 1st Street

Plover Bakery 2009

Tank Car Trainer AHCX 2004 in 2009

St. Ignace Rail Road Dock 2009 and was that repeated above on an active web page?

Badger Ferry in Ludington, Michigan 2009

Feed Mill going, going, . . . . gone . . . in Amherst, 2009

Caboose at GreatBigOutlet in La Crosse, Wisconsin, 2009

Oshkosh Drawbridge, the century old one, aerial, March, 2009

McCain Plover potato industrial plant, and Basic American Plover, 2009

Viking Ferry 1979

Happy New Year trains variety Jan. 2, 2009

Minnesota CNW 1977 plowing snow

destruction of passenger car Tupelo 2007

Medford Creamery 2007

Abbotsford New Depot, 2007


Biron paper mill aerial with Autumn color 2007

HPJX5001 white Flatcar and Weather Shield Windows, 2006

Stora Enso Locomotive 1 new paint and rebuild, 2005.

Whiting and the Woods in 2004 (and this track is gone in 2014)


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