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Waupaca Model Railroad Show 2022

Waupaca Model Railroad Show 2022

Waupaca had their nice train show during Strawberry Fest again, in June 2022.

I took just a few pictures, the show is 20 times larger than what I have shown.
There were clubs and individuals displaying or selling train items.

I think the longest distance 'award' goes to a fellow from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Wheat Fields.
It is N-scale trains, but It is interesting that this type of wood module is built to a 'T-Trak' standard,
with smaller table sections than N-trak.
Very portable.

Wisconsin - Michigan still has a nice display.
I was impressed with the long train of covered hoppers (hauling Impossibillium?)


Central Wisconsin Model Railroaders have a nice tall adult-height layout.
(its the the end of the day, the crowds are gone and it's easy to get pictures)


Anyway, the 'project' of the day was to see Larry's new Scale Trains EMD SDL 39, the compact six axle locomotive.
It's set up between my 40-year old Athearn SD-9 which I think cost $22.98 back then,
and a Walthers SD-20 on the right. That one is a used loco, purchased this day.

SDL 39, with 2300 horsepower in a light 130 ton short unit, with 6 axles, for light rails in branchline service.
The old SD 9 had 1750 hp. .



The SDL has an impressive scale width hood, compared to Athearn units.


The SD-9 has six fans, although, I cut one out and mounted a reversing switch in it.
That is old fashioned 'local control'.

The SDL has two almost-working real fans with blades.


There's good weathering on Keiths' SD 18.
The gray and dirt on the trucks and fuel tank really brings out the details.


And as I mentioned to friends, this model railroad show is in Wisconsin with railroads like the former Soo Line and CNW,
but I saw more Milwaukee Road than ever.

Here's Jon's U-28 B's, HO scale.


I used my $1 four-LED fill light for some of these close pictures.
Since then, I bought an 8-inch LED Ring Light at a clearance sale for $10 from Family Dollar.
It is even better to throw light onto the trucks that normally hide in the shadows.

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This page was filmed in June, 2022; and wrote about in July