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Towboat Model is afloat by my Milwaukee Road pontoon bridge

Towboat Model is afloat by my Milwaukee Road pontoon bridge

A river traveler getting fitted out in the boat yard.

Painting the exhaust stacks before nailing them to the boat

It's too big to build on my little work bench.
I just plop my tools on the river side board.


I glue down some small wood craft-size clothespins to hold the wires from tangling.

So far, it is built as a 1 x 2 tow (1 barge wide, 2-long) and that's 5-1/2 feet long in H-O scale
I could make more barges to widen the tow to 3 x 2 for use in my basement,
and that is the largest that I have space for.

Now the drawbridge is swung open and the tow is passing by.
I got lucky catching all the lights 'on' as they blink off and on.
I like the deck lights, they reflect off the blue plastic bags like water, just like the real boats.


And they come back later in the day the other direction, as seen from the bluffs of Iowa.

On my railroad, all the walking aisleways are make-believe rivers.
The whole tow is on a pedestal which rests on a skate-board size wheeling board on the floor.

I didn't clone blue water to hide all of the aisle way. I will prop up more blue paper sheets (2 for a dollar at, where else, Dollar Tree). Then I will try a better picture.
Same place those nice deck lights came from, a dozen miniature LED's on a 2-wire string with a 2-battery plactic box and an on-off switch (batteries not included).

Sometime, I will have to take a better panoramic, either in-camera, or with more than 2 pictures stitched together.
It's best to avoid a wide-angle for panoramics, but the basement is small
and there's little space to stand back to use a better 50mm lens angle.


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This page was wrote in March, 2024.