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Stevens Point Roundhouse .

Stevens Point Roundhouse

This page is from 2013.

It's been 6 years since I made my first aerial view of the roundhouse. Back then, the camera was 2 MP size. Now it is 10.
If you are interested in the original big file for printing, please contact me.
But this would be a better picture with some more sunshine to keep up the shutter speed. See some of my other links.

A new view with the improved CN fueling facility is on Point Roundhouse in 2016 with kite aerial views

One of my old web pages is a 2011 aerial view in Winter snow
but you should use BACK to return to this page, the links may be old on those pages.

Cropping in closer. A bit un-clear. Need some sunshine.

The yellow trackmobile is outside, on the lead to the carshop.


Busy area.
And I didn't notice until afterwards that there were two BC units by the roundhouse.
Hiding behind the two CN in this view.




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This page was wrote in May, 2013; and some links were updated September 2018.