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Whiting Mill 2011 .

Whiting Mill 2011

Whiting, Wisconsin, USA.
It's November, 2011, and the paper and pulp mill has been closed since February.
There aren't any railroad cars left here.
The milll is for sale but not to make paper that would be competitive with the rest of New Page.

Here's a view of the south half, the paper machine room (on this side), the beater room, and finishing room (shipping).
The boiler house is on the right of this picture. They used a lot of coal.




The pulp mill and now-empty wood yard are on the right / north side.
I don't know what chemical process they used here. It never smelled strong like most pulp mills.


The aluminum covers of the pipe insulation and the arches over the driveways and tracks would be interesting details on a model.

Is there one or two paper machines inside?

Hidden behind this is the century-old dam and old pulp mill.

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