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new warehouse in Stevens Point

new warehouse in Stevens Point

A cold storage warehouse is being built on the east side of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

The new Service Cold Storage refrigeration building is in the East Park Commerce Center.
160,000 square feet for frozen food products and produce. Expects to employ 35 people.

This building is an expansion of Service Trans of Bancroft.
They offer storage and cross docking, and serve 48 states.

Ground breaking was in August 2013, and they kept the construction going through the cold snowy winter.

There's plans for a rail siding to bring in refrigerated cars (on the left / north side), but a spur hasn't been built yet.

( I could wonder if that traffic will appear. The 'new' cold storage warehouse on the east side of Wisconsin Rapids has a spur,
and even a switch to add a second spur, but it seems they never get in railroad cars.)


The warehouse is just east of the city 'bus garage'.


They planned ahead with the transit facility, and saved space for sidings for passenger trains, it's along side of the mainline.
It might be wishful thinking to get Amtrak service, but its a good plan to have a train station next to a city bus depot.


trains go by on the mainline


The other part of the industrial park is between Interstate 39 and Brilowski Road.
The train yard is a mile west of here.


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