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Train going over the Wisconsin River and to the Biron paper mill

Train going over the Wisconsin River and to the Biron paper mill

Wisconsin Rapids.

The paper mill jobs starts from the yard, this day has a lot of pulp wood up front so I think this one will go to the big mill less than a mile away.


Some days it looks like this, with pulp wood on the rear; I think this will go to Biron, 3 miles east of town.


And they pull through the big mill and across the Wisconsin River, this time on a calm day.


(I don't have a recent picture of anything at Coyne Junction where they turn north to the Biron Mill.)

Here they are already at the Biron mill and run around their train and the locomotive has come to the south end.


The Biron mill was bought by ND Nine Dragons (China) in August, 2018; and there is news this month that money will be invested in the mill to improve things.
From the outside, nothing looks different except the signs. Production continues, and the trains run like before.


When the name change first happened, a plastic sign was hung over the original Biron sign.


And I took the time to look up my old 2007 kite aerial pictures of the Biron mill.
Back then, a WC SW 1500 worked the Biron turn.

I see one difference in all those years. In 2007, they burned coal and there were always coal hoppers at the plant.
Now, I think they burn natural gas. That's a popular fuel of this decade, courtesy of the frac sand revolution at the oil fields.

This mill changed owners, it's no longer part of the former Consolidated Papers group of paper mills,.
It was sold off as a separate mill,
to the Canadians, and then to the Chinese.

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This page was written on November 3, 2018