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some trains around central Wisconsin

some trains around central Wisconsin

The black SW is fetching cars from the old Port Edwards paper mill storage tracks that are east of Highway 73.
It replaced a big red trackmobile.
This picture was last Spring, and since today is in August,
there's always a chance that it could be changed out again if it is leased.

It works at Erco, west of Port Edwards. This picture is from 8 years earlier.


30 miles south is Adams, Wisconsin.
Full of frac sand hoppers.
Here's the west end of the yard where 14th Drive crosses 4 tracks.


Sand hoppers are on the tail of a westbound train leaving the Vetter's area of Stevens Point

And you have to drive faster than I did to beat it to Junction City, where they turn south to Rapids.

(a mile over that hill, last week, a train smacked a tractor and manure wagon, and the tractor driver was killed.) .

An eastbound Potash train has the main at Rocky Run, west of Point


Back at Point, the Plover switch job is locked into the Vetter siding waiting for a train to leave track 19 and un-block them.
Which might explain why some days they get back to Plover much later than 2 pm.


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This page was wrote in August 2023.