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The swampy side of the railroad yard

The swampy side of the railroad yard

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, 2019.
This is the usual view of the bridge over the Plover River, as seen from the Patch Street bridge.
It is the east end of the railroad yard.
It's easy to get here.

This view could be seen from the Green Circle trail after it comes out from under north side of the bridge.
There is still a pole, yet.


Looking up, North is on the left. Three tracks cross the river. The yard switch leads are on the North.


Here's an aerial view of the Plover River north of the tracks.
It is a 2 foot deep river with a sand bottom, surrounded by marsh and bog.
(this is kite aerial photography, from a little boat in a narrow river. See the previous webpage)


This is the railroad yard as seen from the northeast.
Civilisation and Patch Street are on the left. Only the Green Circle Trail is on this side, skirting the bog.
The mainline is on the left / South.


That's the Patch Street bridge on the left / south.

I was able to get back to the McDill boat landing, pack up,
and get home in time to see this train traveling southbound past the Waupaca Depot webcam that is 30 miles southeast of here.

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This page was filmed in August 2019