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Looking at MOW and hard drives

Looking at MOW and hard drives

I have a lot of pictures taken in June, but no time to show them.
A 4-year old WD portable hard drive quit working, and I hadn't backed up 6 months of picture on it,
so I have to pull those pictures again from 6 SD cards. That will take time.

Plenty is happening in central Wisconsin. A summer thunderstorm came through and flooded both street underpasses in Stevens Point. And Hoover street is still closed while that overpass is being built.

In Wisconsin Rapids, the continuous rail and ties dropped off last winter are being installed.
There's a dozen pieces of yellow MOW equipment working on weekdays. I have pictures, but not the time to show them. So this many will do for today.

In this picture, the east / right rail was replaced by Grand Avenue.
The RED rail anchors make a distinctive row.


The rail that was removed is in the distance, and notice the burrs on it. This was ground and profiled last year.
I suppose this rail sees a lot of wear. Its a curve. And trains can start accelerating after they pass Grand Avenue.


Grand Avenue was kept open, but 4 minor street crossings were barricaded to street traffic for 3 weeks.
One rail at a time was placed, on different days. And besides the interruption to street traffic, some trains had to sneak through this quarter mile of MOW work.
This is Dura Beauty Lane on the south end of the Rapids yard.


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this page was filmed and wrote in June 2017