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Plover Potatoes and the Railroad

Plover Potatoes and the Railroad

There's 2 manufacturing or processing plants between Plover and Wisconsin Rapids.
This picture is a stitch of 3 pictures, which explains how the Plover engine shows up 3 times.
Scroll right if I made it a bit wide for your screen. The left side is a bit darker and I didn't take time to fix that, for what its worth.

They are heading west to Rapids to pick up some cars.

The Cryo-Trans refrigerated cars in this siding are not for the local industry, they are extras for McCains potatoes 3 miles further west.

The blue buildings are Berry Cheese, formerly Basic American, formerly Sun Spiced dried potato and bean processors.
There's 2 rail spurs into the property, but I don't think a car has been spotted in 6 years.

On the south side of the property and not seen well from here, there is a potato sorting building not related to the dairy buildings.


The evening Plover turn picked up cars from the east side of Rapids, this time paper mill traffic,
and is heading back east, along Highway 54 and past the potato fields.


McCains Potato at Golden Sands

A lot of frozen french fries for fast food are made here.


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This page was wrote in September, 2017.