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WC 1570 in Rapids .

WC 1570 in Rapids

The WC 1570 has been around Wisconsin Rapids for much of October, 2012.
This picture looks like one I took last year. The days are getting shorter,
and daylight savings time will end and it will be few months before I'll take a scene like this again.

Eastbound to Biron, crossing the Wisconsin River.
(all the Autumn leaves have fallen as of Nov 1st)





Moon-set on a morning after Hurricane Sandy came ashore.

It's not very often we get such a crisp clear sky all the way to the horizon,
a high pressure is here.

The eastern sky of Wisconsin was covered with the high swirl of the hurricane clouds,
and shaded the morning job of the 1570.

Its a tough combination.
Underexpose so the moon doesn't get washed out,
or overexpose to see the engine.

It would be a good job for a photo program,
to add a properly exposed moon afterwards.
But I don't put that much time into a picture.
I've spent more time writing about it
than the 20 seconds to watch them cross the river.
I have gone back to an old photo program to get smaller file sizes for pictures for a web page.
Some might get blurry if you zoom in a lot. But it saves space for the server and downloads very fast.
If you want the full size picture, please contact me. An e-address is in the box on my index page.

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This page was wrote November 1, 2012.