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Ribbon Rail to the Rag Mill

Ribbon Rail to the Rag Mill

Welded rail was dropped off in the Summer of 2021.
I don't know if a rail train would have dropped it off on this spur, or on the P-line.
And then the lengths might have been dragged along this spur to store them close to where they would be installed?
I didn't measure them; I don't think these are true 1/4 mile sticks, but they are much longer than 39 feet.

unloading and stock piling the tie plates last summer

CN and WC names on a truck door shows the name the truck is registered with.



Location marker on the P-line.

Plover is a mile and half south of here and has a Mile Post of about 80, as given by the original Green Bay and Western RR.

Tommy's Tuirnpike used to be Whiting Road, and this rail location used to be about mile post 1-1/2 on the P-line until this was re-numbered between Plover and Point over ten years ago


The welded rail was put in place in June 2022.
A few hundred yards down the hill and out of sight is the Rag Mill, Neenah Paper of Plover-Whiting


Looking east along Tommy's Turnpike after the new rail was installed. Compare this with the first picture on this page.


A new switch is waiting for installation.

Welded rail was installed for the half mile spur to the Rag Mill.
And, in this view, there's a lot of welded rail by the old switch and under the blacktop crossing of Tommy's Turnpike.
But, for a mile north and south of here on the P-line, it's still all jointed rail. Although, it is in very good condition with being straight and level and well ballasted.


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That also has a link to the Library of Congress 1950's pictures of the mill with a very good view of a boxcar unloading dock before it was enclosed and hidden.

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This page was wrote in June, 2022