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Aerial view of Stevens Point

Aerial view of Stevens Point

Stevens Point, Wisconsin; January, 2020

I had a day of weather just above freezing and a good wind, so I did a test flight of the kite and camera.
I had hoped for a little sun, but that didn't happen this day.

This first picture is a stitched panoramic looking from West to East at the rails.
If you are viwing this on a computer, please scroll.
If you are on a tablet, you may have to zoom in to read the text.

The pictures are taken every 5 seconds as the camera is rotated,
and you can see the one Bob's Plumbing white truck three times on Patch Street.


Looking way west, by the depot and Vetters and the water towers by the Wisconsin River,
I see the headlight of the Plover switch job working the paper mill.


The car shop and roundhouse


Michigan Avenue.
The switch engine set has an SD, BLE 908; and SW 1500 CN 1564.


Yard office, norrth of the tracks (at the top of the picture)

The P-Line curves in behind the concrete mix plant.

the yard.


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This page was filmed and wrote about in early January 2020.