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Shuttlewagon Commander

Shuttlewagon Commander

This is Anderson in Wisconsin Rapids.
They receive fertilizer in tank cars and covered hoppers.

It's time for coverage of the little locomotives.


I think this is something new for them this year, a Shuttle Wagon Commander.
It has road and rail wheels, couplers on both ends, and air brake hoses.


And for a long time they used this yellow car mover.
It actually has a brand name logo on the side,
but its too small to read from this distance.
It has big tractor tires, but no rail wheels. The coupler and air brake hose is on one end only.
Without rail wheels, I would guess it is not wise to pull a load over switches and other obstacles that
threaten the rubber tire sidewalls. Might be an ok machine for street-level tracks?


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wrote in May, 2014