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A train crossing the Black Bridge

A train crossing the Black Bridge

Stevens Point, Wisconsin; September, 2019.
The last time I was on the Wisconsin River, I didn't get an aerial view of a train actually crossing the Black Bridge.
And, from water level, the bridge has a lot of steel that hides some of the train.
This time, I had a camera ready under the kite, and got lucky to get some pictures of this eastbound train.

The day actually started with testing some oars for the little boat, and then the winds changed twice
and after making a tangled mess of the kite string, and dunking the Nylon kite once, I actually got a flight from it in the last half hour of my adventure.


The train is all containers.


And one DPU on the end.


So, this time I was able to positon the camera to get each entire scene in its own single frame
so there is less distortion than my earler expedtion where I was too close and ended up making panoramic views.

That's enough aerial work from this location. It is easy to get to, and has a train about every 45 minutes;
but it's time to move on to other areas. And Autumn colors will be coming.
I haven't planned for scenes with colorful trees yet.
There are a lot of Cottonwood trees near rivers, and at best they will turn yellow if frost pushes them, but they are rarely brilliant like hardwoods.
And I could use some sunshine to get some 'snap' into the colors.


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This page was filmed in September, 2019