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Abbotsford Railroad Depot

Abbotsford Railroad Depot

I haven't been in downtown Abbotsford, Wisconsin, in 10 years.

And I had trouble getting the quad copter turned in a thermal breeze during a partly cloudy afternoon.
This is looking south, the depot used to be in the empty space beyond the street, which used to be Wisconsin Highway 29.

The tall white grain mill on the horizon no longer has a rail spur.
(in fact, I was surprised that the farm grain dealers here, in Colby, and in Spencer don't have rail sidings anymore)


The gray wood building on the right / west is something I don't remember.

It is angled like it was served by a rail spur.
I could guess this side. The west side high doors match a railcar door height?
Like back in the days when coal came in sacks in box cars for small town dealers?


This side is maybe the street side for loading out into wagons?
Or where a tractor loader could scoop up something from ground level?
And the wide portion in the distance is up on posts; it would have a dry floor, suggesting its a building supply company,
where mortar and cement would be stored high and dry.


The 'depot' shaped building is City Hall and a community center, built in 2008.

The switch ties are still there for the Wye to the west.
I have some pictures from 10 years ago when those rails were still there.
An asphalt plant has the silver storage tanks inside the wye, left / west of the tracks


And I a few pictures of the mile of track that went east toward Athens and Goodrich lumber.
But I have no time to dig them out and show them.

There are a few good pictures and history about the railroad in Abbotsford, Abby Depot

Abbotsford History shows the coaling trestle, a very long ramp style. That info was from the 1973 Centennial Book and it said the depot was still standing, but as of the 1990's the railroad depot has been long gone. The web pages are by the Clark County History Buffs.

The 2008 City of Abbotsford Municipal Center, Public Library, and City Hall is described by the architect in Abbotsford Municipal Center with a picture of the building and what's inside.


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