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Death of the Whiting Paper Mill

Death of the Whiting Paper Mill

Its the middle of March, 2014, and there's still plenty of snow in central Wisconsin

When the Whiting paper mill was operating 2 years ago,
I would watch the daily switch job move 30 cars around here.
Now the tracks are blue flagged, the rails are rusty, and weeds have been growing for two summers.


I hadn't driven past the mill in a few months, so I was surprised to see a salvage operation in progress.

There's big gaping holes in the machine room wall.

It makes a big door.
The kind that probably won't be closed up.


metal salvage in the parking lot.



Big felt rolls are being moved by claw instead of the gentle hoists and slings of millwrights.



On the north side of the property,
the steel building of the pulp mill is flat on the ground.

The concrete pulp silos are standing yet, but I presume they will come down sometime.
I just don't know how or when.


On the top of the silos,
the screen room is exposed.

I doubt if that machinery will be salvaged for re-use. The pipes from the powerplant to the paper mill and pulp mill are gone,
but so far the power plant itself seems to be standing ok.

Although, I didn't see the other side.

The property was available for sale with an agreement that it would not be used to make writing paper that would compete with the other 3 mills in the valley. NOT likely.
Its going away now. I suppose the high value items will be removed from the tax rolls this way. And the machinery would have been around long enough to fulfill the tax depreciation schedule.

It wouldn't be so sad if it had a century-old Beloit 9-foot paper machine that would have been obsolete since the 1980's.
But this mill had some modern big stuff.


'Road kill' along the 'information highway'.


earlier web pages showing the mill

Whiting paper mill south end in 2013.

Whiting Mill 2011 aerial views months after the closing.

End of Whiting Paper Mill rail traffic 2011

Whiting Paper Mill Rails 2011, near the end of a century of rail traffic to this large mill that will close in Feb 2011.

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wrote Jan, 2014