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Schofield Trains


Schofield Trains

I don't get to this location very often, and there will be fewer visits for me in the future
because the adjacent 50/50 factory outlet greeting card store is closing in Schofield, Wisconsin.

This is the former Milwaukee Road / Wisconsin Central / now CN over Business highway 51,
northbound, about 1 pm on a week day.

The CN hauls from Wisconsin Rapids to Wausau, and return.





and the above wasn't on a sunny day, so I am saving web space by not showing the rest of that train.

A month later, here's the sunny side of another northbound train, crossing the same bridge,
and with the other water tower in the view.


Boise empties go to Tomahawk paper mill? I didn't take a picture of every car, maybe every 4th car.

picture 24



empty plywood flat for the sawmill in Prentice?


picture 29, empty pulp wood car, heading north for the Fifield wood yard?

And who is the owner of the flatcar?

Maybe the other side or an end marking is easier to read?


I read on facebook that the hi gons are for loading wood chips in Prentice, to be unloaded in Kaukauna.

picture 32, pneumatic unload hopper, for the Rothschild paper mill?



picture 35, coal for Mosinee Paper Mill
I would guess the car thawing system gets a bit hot and removes the paint?



So, here's coal loads for Mosinee? This train has already passed that by 4 miles.
Will CN take them back south this afternoon to be set out while they are running back to Rapids?
And I didn't read enough on facebook to know if FOXY can haul them south of Wausau to deliver them.
CN runs to Wausau, and Foxy takes care of Wausau industry, but I didn't pay enough attention to know if
Foxy does local service for the few miles south of Wausau, to the two paper mills.

MT hoppers for shingle granule loading at 3M Wausau


I didn't take a picture of every car, but got a good sampling of the variety.

I didn't count, and could guess between 60 and 80 cars long.

They are about 2 miles south of the Wausau yard,
where all should get set out for the Foxy to deliver.

the end


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This page was wrote in November and December, 2022