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2004 Whiting rails

2004 Whiting rails

I show a few scenes from the Whiting, Wisconsin, area, taken in 2004 to 2007 when the old GBW / WC tracks were still active.

The red flag was a quarter mile south of the Soo / WC / now CN mainline, west of the Stevens Point depot.
There's a white tank car in the distance.
Ten years before this, the GBW crossed the Soo on a diamond, and served the Stevens Point Division of Consolidated Papers.
And long before that, they went a mile futher north and traveled along the east bank of the Wisconsin River.

On the original picture, i could see the red flag between the rails near the middle of the picture,
at the end of the curve, just this side of the Mason street crossing and white cross buck.
But, in this reduced picture, it's just a red tinted blob.


Moving back a hundred yards to the south, Koch asphalt has a siding.
They used to get in maybe a dozen black tank cars a year. Bob reported the last ones were about 2010?

And in the picture above, notice that the north switch of the run-around siding is on the curved track heading right / east.
And a brown corner of a parking lot has covered the rails. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . That spur heads east toward the Stevens Point Brewery.

The rail spur crossed Water Street by the brewery. Rails were still there in 2007 but not really connected to the west.
Those rails were removed about ? 2011 ?, when they expanded their floor space and closed the U-gap in the building.


It's time for a map.

This is Whiting, halfway between Stevens Point and Plover, Wisconsin.

The scenes above were at the end of the ex-GBW line to Stevens Point, in 2007.
about a mile north if you extend my RED line.



The 2004 pictures below are at the Whiting Division of Consilidated Papers
by the crossing and junction of the GBW and Soo Line, and as of 2004, an all-WC operation.


Pulling around the southwest leg of the wye, and note that there was a chain link fence gate at the diamond in 2004.


Working the mill. The boiler house stands tall.


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wrote in July, 2014, with pictures from w040517n and w071115n from CDs.