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The former Basic American company in Plover

The former Basic American company in Plover

One morning, I got to see an unusual train along Highway 54 west of Plover, Wisconsin.
I might expect a late westbound to Rapids, but an east bound? Eastbounds from Rapids usually go Rapids to Junction City to Point.

Colorful power, considering this is CN track.


There was a variety of cars, containers, empty pulpwood flats, and a few loaded, some boxcars, a dozen sand hoppers, clay tanks,
and it all seemed to be as expected except for the loads of wrapped lumber.


The names on the signs have changed by Hayes Avenue.
(Marawood is a contractor doing building repairs and upgrades on the site)

The company south of the tracks was Sunspiced, and then Basic American, until that closed a few years ago.


Basic American closed a few years ago, and left the big gray concrete food processing plant.
The new owners have more than one company on the site.
The blue steel sided buildings have been added on to, that is now Produce Processors. They receive local potatoes but I dont' know what product leaves.
They occupy space south of the spur track, which ends near those new galvanized hopper bins.


The short spur from the north is still there to an indoor tank car loading building. The grass has grown at the rail gate.


They have leased space to a cheese processor, and 2 new truck docks are being put into the freezer area.


They advertise RAIL SERVICES, and the two sidings still go to the buildings,
but the grass is growing taller between the rails and I haven't seen any cars put in there yet.

Gcam LLC is a special warehousing and storage company.
4930 Hayes Avenue, Plover, WI

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