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Marshfield Box Factory

Marshfield Box Factory

June, 2019. Here's my first picture of the new rail spur to the new PCA (Packaging Corporation of America) box factory on the east side of Marshfield, Wisconsin. I have also seen it later, with the large door closed, but I don't have a picture of that.
I presume they receive liner board in boxcars. That's the brown paper that goes into making cardboard boxes. They corrugate and glue and fold it all into a box.

There's an interesting stub track with a sign: End Of Track.
The track 'bumper' is a pile of ballast.


Looking west of County Road A, there is a short passing siding.
The west end of it is curved and has derails on both tracks. It drops down 10 feet to the level of the main lead to the industrial park,
you can see that track in the heat haze on the left of the picture.


I would guess the box factory will be served by the Marshfield turn in the middle of a day, as needed.
I haven't learned train schedules for Marshfield, but I think a local runs from Stevens Point to Marshfield.

I won't be back in town for a while, there's not much left for us to visit in Marshfield, and there's few shopping stores there that we don't already have in Point.

Here is a link to last year's page about the original home of the box factory:
Colby Box Factory and one view of the new plant in Marshfield

and a picture and my map from May of this year: New Spur in May 2019

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This page was filmed and wrote in June, 2019