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Railroad Red Flag at Medford

Railroad Red Flag at Medford

The red flag marks the end of the track for railroad service.
The location can be moved, depending on what gets repaired or abandoned.
Actually, the red flag could be applied 30 miles south of here in Spencer.
there hasn't been service for this winter of 2022-23.
Looking north from Perkins Street:

The red flag used to be a mile north of the station many years ago,
and now it is here, a quarter mile south.

Looking south from Perkins Street. The house track / LP depot is on the left / east.
All the doors are closed off at the old Hurd's millwork building, I don't even know if the rails are still alongside of the building.


Some thirty years ago, I attended a local meeting about the upcoming abandonment of the rails from Medford to Prentice.
That area became the Pine Line Trail.

There were certain guidelines that the state uses for allowing train service to end.
Usually related to the volume of rail car traffic.
I can't remember if it was something like 300 cars a year.
This was back in the Soo Line years. Since then, the rail service here went to the Wisconsin Central and now Foxy railroad.

Thirty years ago, the state 'warned' Medford that their tracks would probably be next to disappear
and Dorchester would be the end of the line because they had sufficient use of rails for their feed mill.
And now, not even Dorchester has much use for rail service,
the large co-op in Owen has a rail siding and grain products are trucked across to Dorchester.

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