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November Stevens Point trains

November Stevens Point trains

It's the last week of November, 2014.
The Seasons change fast with snow, 8 inches in one night this time.

Black Friday shopping yielded one Flying Monkey,
and standing in line for just a half hour to check out.
Most of my best purchases have come from garage sales during the Summer.
I am old enough to have patience and not get everything I see; it would just end up in my garage.

The weather has many cloudy days. A few hours of sunshine. Temperatures above 15 F.

For my web pages, I will try more pictures of the 1300 pixel width for laptops. I also picked up a used 20-inch monitor capable of 1600 pixels width, and like any photographer, I like to see my pictures as big a possible, like looking at a real scene. Of course the picture file size will grow, and that may slow down page loading for some internet services. I reduce and compress my pictures a lot, and people have asked for my originals so they can work with them for printing and further processing.
Please adjust your browser viewing size oir screen view to suit your monitor.

The yard switch job in Stevens Point looks like this on Black Friday, at Michigan Avenue

Track work is proceeding at the yard, near where the P-line enters.
The newspapers and CN say 13 switches are being added
(and not knowing the accuracy of news, are the switches new or just for replacing existing switches?)

And over a mile of new track.


Trains move past Hoover Avenue.


Big trains are running to Rapids via Plover.
In the middle of the day, when there's lot of travellers on Business Highway 51 in Whiting;
and at 20 mph they can really back up a lot of traffic.


Empty sand hoppers, pulpwood, tank cars, wrapped lumber, boxcars; its a very long train, this is just a quarter of it.



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This page was photographed and wrote in November, 2014