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Trackmobiles of Port Edwards and Nekoosa

Trackmobiles of Port Edwards and Nekoosa

Here's one quick picture of the trackmobiles of Nekoosa Paper.
Cando, can do. The gondola is supposed to be extra braking power.

The Erco red trackmobile was near their entrance. It's a ShuttleWagon Commander.


The Nekoosa turn comes from Wisconsin Rapids to this area about noon every day.
Today, it's late Autumn and early November. By tomorrow, its 2 inches of snow.

The tracks on the right / South, go to the rail yard of the former Port Edwards paper mill.
Its car storage. See last years web page, ____

And I put in this picture of Erco, taken a few years ago and in the Summer, to show the extent of this complex where they make paper mill chlorine from potash from those orange hoppers.
Lots of tracks, and short, and it would be interesting to model it.
The layout would be as wide as it is long. The mainlines skirt around the left.
The wye of Nekoosa Junction is in the distance. The train shown above would be in the trees to the upper right, or Northeast, of here.


Here's some different views of the area from a year ealier, Trackmobiles in Nekoosa in September 2018, with an aerial view of rail car storage at Port Edwards former paper mill.

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Most of this page was filmed and wrote about in November, 2019, before the snow fell.