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Yellow Locomotives to Blair

Yellow Locomotives to Blair

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Saw 5 trains today. But the biggest surprise was UP yellow going west on the Taylor Subdivision.
This is 25th Avenue on the west side of Rapids.

I have seen BCOL, BNSF, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Norfork Southern on the Taylor.

But I think this is the first time I saw UP yellow going west, at 9 on a Friday morning.
And some UP and NS came back at 7 in the evening, but they weren't these engine numbers, so I presume some UP is still out there.

The eastbound left Rapids going north and then east from Junction City. So it may be a UP train, but they didn't swing south on their trackage rights to Adams to get to their own tracks. I don't know their final destination.


And to make it more interesting, a CN sand train was following them east at 7pm.
That's a lot of sand moving.

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this page was filmed and wrote in March 2017