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GT switcher jobs .

GT switcher jobs

Thirty three years ago, I made a trip to Michigan and saw my first blue Grand Trunk engines.
Lilttle did I imagine then that some blue GT would come near my home in Wisconsin.
Now there's even two or three working in central Wisconsin.

Two have arrived together in the morning from Point, and then split up to work two jobs.
Here's one going past the Okray Potato mural.


They join to make a special move for safety sake.
The lead unit does the work and gets the train over the crossings north of Plover.


And on the tail end is the other loco, just riding along.
(this country is too flat to need helper service!)
It should be easy to simulate this on a model railroad.


When they get two miles north of Plover, they stop and split the train.
The head end crosses Tommy's Turnpike and continues on to Point.


And the tail end is pushed to the spur to Neenah paper's Whiting Mill (the rag mill).




When they finish at the rag mill, they will head back South to Plover for other work.

The pictures you see here might not look like other people's pictures. I use a camera on a pole to get unusual views.

I have gone back to an old photo program to get smaller file sizes for pictures for a web page.
Some might get blurry if you zoom in a lot. But it saves space for the server and downloads very fast.
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