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One Last Look at the Whiting Mill

One Last Look at the Whiting Mill

The weather was warm enough (31 degrees F) to try a kite camera flight for a look at the razed paper mill of the former Consolidate / Stora Enso / New Page mill of Whiting, Wisconsin.
The kite flew well, but the camera didn't like white-field scenes.
I need sunshine to get crisp pictures. It was getting hazy from a storm system moving in.

Looking southwest at the site of the paper machine room in 2015. Just a backhoe and some piles are there.
The power dam on the river is still there, almost out of sight in this view.



Looking west, I marked the location of the gate for the railroad spur that was removed in 2014.
All is flat land, just one galvanized shed stands. The boiler house and pulp mill buildings are gone.


Below, March 3rd, 2009, I recorded this view from a kite flight from the frozen Plover River.
Looking northwest at the mill while it was operating.
On the right was a blue Grand Trunk GP loco switching the lead through the gate.
Last year, someone mentioned this place could keep 4 switchmen busy during this one job.


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