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EMD open house 1972

EMD open house 1972

1972, at the EMD locomotive plant open house on their 50th anniversary

The yellow and green CNW GeeP is the first one ever built, and they brought it back and painted it again for this weekend.
And I think its in the Union Railroad Museum now? 50 years later.


New units for NdeM for Mexico


I guess the biggest model at the time was an SD-40?

Paint Shop
It was exciting to see all the different new paint schemes.
In this century, it is much easier for me to see such a variety of paint without leaving my state,
its on my local railroad because of run-through power and mergers and horsepower hours pay back.


Rod and cylinder liner display

Larry, when we were young.


I don't remember who drove from Wisconsin to Illinois, but I am glad we did. I think that's Jon on the right.

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This page was filmed in 1972 with a little Kodak camera, and wrote about in March 2022, that's 50 years later.