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new spur to the box factory

new spur to the box factory

May, 2019, we went shopping in Marshfield, not necessarily because it is a great shopping town,
but to get some discounted goods while Shopko stores are having clearance sales, going out of business.
A new spur comes from the industrial lead and heads to the new building of PCA in Marshfield (the new home of the Colby box factory).
There was a ballast regulator, and out of view to the right / east was a track liner.

It was a rainy day, so I didn't stop for better pictures. The spur goes across County Highway A and to the new box factory.

Here's my crude map of the southeast corner of Marshfield, Wisconsin. My green line is the new spur.

Here's my link to last Summer's page about the Colby box factory, PCA Packaging Corporation of America.
Colby box factory in Colby, and one picture of the new factory in Marshfield.


The red line is the 'end of the line' that is Completional Sand, which hasn't shipped any frac sand in 3 years.
Link to my page completion frac sand in Marshfield.
In the north of those pictures is the Marshfield industrial park, but the box factory was not built yet at the time of those pictures.

I suppose the cars of paper for boxes would arrive on the noon local switch job. Maybe someone will get a picture of them switching cars to the plant.

It was too rainy to get better pictures of the spur on this May day, but we will see what happens on our next trip near the area, maybe in a few more months.



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This page was wrote in May 2019