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NS power in Plover

NS power in Plover

Sometimes I am surprised by what I see in Plover, a few miles away from the mainline of the railroad.
One Sunday, an NS unit is coming to town.

MIle post 81 on my picture used to be milepost 1 of the WC from Plover to Stevens Point. This is alongside of Okray Avenue.
This should make mile 2 become 80, at the curve in Whiting, but i didn't walk in on the Green Circle Trail to confirm it.
It's a nice city trail, but its winter.

And I would guess the end is 79 or 78 where the P-line meets the mainline in Point.
And I didn't look if the former GBW mainline east of Plover even changed mile markers, its just a dead-end stub a mile east of the cannery.

I looked up the original GBW map and timetable data on:

The GBW mile posts had Plover at 81.4, and Stevens Point (the original end was way northwest of downtown) at 87.
The WC Plover-to-Point had 1 (a mile north of Plover) and then 2 and 3.
And now it should be 81 - 80 - 79 -. . . .

It should make it easier to dispatch trains, the mile marker system will be consistent from Stevens Point to Plover and Rapids and then all the way west on the Whitehall Sub.


Rolling past the Okray potato mural.


And working with the local Plover job.


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