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The day was warm enough, 33 degrees F, so I practiced some kite aerial photography in December.
. . (and this snow was all melted a week later by foggy and then rainy weather)

I learned my old camera gets confused by large areas with just white snow, it needs real objects like buildings or trees to see a proper scene. It was at evaluative exposure and a fast shutter, and next time I will try the center weighted average setting. Besides also opening it up +2/3 for snow scenes.
It takes a picture every 9 seconds (with CHDK in a little Canon camera), so I still got enough good pictures to show something here.

The Black Bridge on the Wisconsin River on the west side of Stevens Point.


Looking east, the old brick Vetters millwork plant.
There used to be spurs on both sides of the brick buildings in the old days, according to an old sketch I saw,
but the spurs hardly show on the 1939 Wisconsin historical arials. Maybe they had a lot of grass hiding them.
In the old days, weed spray wasn't used as often as now.


In the picture above, I see some unusual cars for this spur that leads to the paper mill (out of view to the left).
The Plover job sorts the cars for the Stevens Point paper mill.
Some refrigerated cars for McCains potatoes are here temporarily, waiting to go to Plover and beyond. .


the picture on the right is . . . . Vetters north building, east side.

In Stevens Point,
there's a lot of murals painted on sides of brick buildings.

At the Vetters plant, just the windows are painted (or postered?).


I see the Next Gen web site doesn't work well lately, and some of my older Vetters pages are there.
I might move some older train pages to the TrainWeb site, a very reliable web host.
And i will have find a free host for my non-train web pages.

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This page was wrote in December, 2014