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Is this a new display track for Plover?

Is this a new display track for Plover?

Something new has been dropped off in Plover near the Portage County Historical Village,
close to the historic Bancroft Depot and GBW caboose display.
Notice that the milepost was repainted to 0.62 on the signal box. This was 81-some miles west of Green Bay in the Green Bay and Western days.
This track is now just a mile long east of Plover now, going to the cannery. The rest became the Tomorrow River Trail.
A few years ago, the Plover mainline mile posts changed, and are now measured from Stevens Point. Mile 81 is now north of Plover.

There is a transition in height and width from 115 lb rail to a smaller size that should match the existing rail.
This was probably salvaged from some industrial spur that was near the mainline.


The crossing was last worked on over 10 years ago when the tracks near it were tamped and raised,
and then the crossing was re-black topped.

A few ties have been distributed for a mile, to the east end of the line by the cannery.
So I could guess the crossing replacement and those ties will go in at the same time while all the MOW equipment is handy on site.

I could wonder if the old 'light' rail coming out of the street crossing would be dropped on the lawn of the historic park,
to make another railroad display track?


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