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Caboose GTW 79197 in Wisconsin Rapids

Caboose GTW 79197 in Wisconsin Rapids

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, September, 2018


A GTW caboose 79197 arrived.

Searching the web for GTW 79197 shows some cabooses do roam the CN system.


And I was surprised when it was still in town four days later. In 2018, I didn't know how it was being used,
but on August 17, 2019, I saw it traveling back and forth by the Waupaca depot web cam.

The news is the caboose has equipment to set up PTC, Positive Train Control.
So, it was probably in Rapids to help set up the new signals and communication tower system between Junction City and Wisconsin Rapids in 2018, a year ago.

It travels with one locomotive leading, one following, and the caboose in between;
so I guess that simulates a 'train' of an engine and one car and a DPU on the rear.
The caboose carries electronic set-up or checking equipment for PTC.


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This page was first wrote in September, 2018; and updated August 2019