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Trains over the Wisconsin River

Trains over the Wisconsin River

The Wisconsin River, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA

A westbound Q train on a sunny afternoon.


At 2:30 pm, here's the train from Point that goes to Wausau.

WC Wisconsin Central hopper going to 3M for loading roofing shingle granules


Coal, for which paper mill?

BCOL ballast hoppers; I haven't seen these very often.

This is what I see more often. Going to the ballast quarry that is south of Mosinee.

I've seen side dump cars before, but the BCOL green is new to me.

The end of this train. I think this one has more ballast cars than what I usually see.
(although, there have been Hezog 'unit trains' going to the pit for loading)

Between trains, there is time to examine details about the Black Bridge.
The old code wires don't make it all the way across anymore, but there is one modern communication line on its carrier cable

this pier has been cracked for years.


A gray brace, newer than most of the bridge.

Here is another Wausau-bound train, on a different day

cold cars for cheese loading? At Kraft? north of the Wausau rail yard?

Empty hoppers going to 3M Wausau.

the end

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This page was filmed in November 2020