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Railroad School in Plover, Wisconsin

Railroad School in Plover, Wisconsin

I have seen a second locomotive in the little village of Plover a few times during the last year.
I thought it was for extra switching service, but there aren't that many factories and farm cooperatives needing that much service.

I was around on a week day and asked a gathering of rail employees about the extra locomotive that appeared again,
and learned it was for training employees.


I suppose Plover is a convenient placce for training, there's 4 spurs and a passing siding on the dead-end track going east of town, toward the cannery.
That track runs for 2 miles east of town, it's ex- Green Bay and Western. And it has very little conflicting traffic.

The training locomotive is in the distance, and the Plover switcher is by the office.

In the Wisconsin Central days (1990's), a small building was rented here for training new employees.
I think it had a plywood mock-up of a cab like a locomotive, and had an electronic simulator. I don't think that's here anymore.

Somewhere in my old picture files is a maroon school bus with the Wisconsin Central name painted on the side,
for hauling large section crews to work sites. That might have been in about the year 2000?


Here is a link back to some previous training locomotives that were in Plover last year. There have been a variety.
Two Locomotives in Plover in 2018

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