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Little GP 4711

Little GP 4711

It's been a while since I've seen the little gp9-m's in central Wisconsin. (this picture was taken in May of 2014)
The camera was a little cranky one cool morning and didn't focus well.

There sure is a size difference. And their ages are 40 years apart.


The sister 4711 was working at McCains Foods (frozen french fries).
Golden Sands is halfway between Plover and Wisconsin Rapids.


Looks like they had been all the way to Wisconsin Rapids and picked up some railboxes of paper?.


And on a Saturday, the 4100 is traveling long end first at milepost 2 north of Plover.
The striped sides might be a little faded, but the red ends still 'glow'.

And at the same time, the 4711 is working the Plover yard. So that's two little gp's in the same town.
Within the hour, I suspect this loco will lead a train of paper mill cars north to Point,
and the 4711 will be on the south end of that cut. The 4711 will cut off at the switch at MP 1.5
and go to switch the 'Rag Mill' before noon.

Here's my link to that operation, train to the rag mill (in 2012).


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wrote in May, 2014