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Dash Cam Railfanning

Dash Cam Railfanning

I haven't done any real train watching this summer,
but we had to go to dentist appointments and I let the dash cam do its thing along the way,
so I could record some trains and not take time to stop driving.

This one is easy, the Business 51 Church Street underpass.

We had to go from Stevens Point to Wausau, twice,
and I had seen the hour delays and 5 mile traffic backups on US 51 from road construction.
So we made our own detour by going west of Point on old US 10, now Wis Hwy 66,
and then turned north on Wisconsin 34 and finally joining up with 51 north of the construction.
It took 15 minutes longer, but it followed the tracks.

Although, even though the tracks parallel the highway, there's plenty of trees hiding the locomotives.
The view didn't open up until getting to near Rocky Run.
It would have been easy to see the whole train, but we have a schedule and aren't stopping on the way to the dentist.

Work was being done on a trestle, filling it in with a culvert and ballast.
If I would have realized ahead of time what was there, I could have turned the camera to the left to record more.
Many of my pictures are cropped from just 2/3 of the picture.


Two weeks later, we're going north again, and the locomotives are nearly hidden again.

Double stacks are tall enough to be seen over the brush.


At least the view opens up in the middle of Rocky Run and I see a DPU


And heading north on Wis 34 at noon, we are slowly catching up with a CN train going toward Wausau.
I was going 58 and I think they were doing 45.


It has 3 locomotives, but even turning the dash camera didn't get them all because of trees and the curve of the windshield.

And we got to the Knowlton bridge a minute before they did.
But we're not waiting for it, we have an appointment and it's not with a train.


And back in Point, we got to wait for an oil train, although they moved about 20 mph.
This is Water Street, just west of the depot.
The picture is wider, because the scene fills the view.
It's not half-cropped like some of the pictures above.

I guess if I had a house next to those tracks and liked trains,
I would have a gazebo and lawn chairs, too.

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This page was wrote in September, 2022