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Completional Frac Sand in Marshfield

Completional Frac Sand in Marshfield

March, 2018. Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA

Looking East at the frac sand plant on the southeast side of Marshfield.
(This is not the big sand plant on the main line in town.)

This plant is not operating, and I don't know if that happened when the price of oil dropped 2 years ago,
or if this is just a seasonal or Winter shutdown. The big storage piles are gone,
they usually were on the right / south under the conveyors.
The red trackmobile is still on site, parked under the loading silo.

I think the sand pits are a few miles south of here, and the sand was hauled to here for final processing and loading into hoppers.

And it would make for an interesting 'model railroad' if the rails would have been re-laid for a few miles on the old abandonned right of way
to haul sand by rail instead of truck.


Looking west and northwest, the spur curves onto the original alignment of the CNW and SOO LINE.
That's Highway 13 on the left. The main line and yard are on the horizon.

Some gray loaded sand hoppers are parked on the spur.


These loaded hoppers might not be from this plant, I don't know if this is just storage for the other sand plant in town.

The company name in 2018 is Completional Industrial Materials,
and I didn't realize how common that name is in the oil industry until I did a web search.
'Completing' a well is getting it ready to be able to pump oil.

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Back in 2011, frac sand was a new industry for Marshfield. Most of the frac sand in the state is in western Wisconsin, a few counties west of here.

The facility that is shown above was first known as TexSand.

Marshfield Frac Sand Loading has a map of with the beginning of Texsand in 2011 on the southeast side of town.

Trackmobile in Marshfield in 2011 at the (then) new TexSand plant

Marshfield rails and frac sand

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This page was filmed and wrote in March, 2018