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FM locomotive switching at 3M Wausau in 1971

FM locomotive switching 3M Wausau in 1971

This is another page about the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and the 3M plant on the west side of Wausau, Wisconsin

Here's some memories, from 50 years ago.

Jon and Larry saw this Fairbanks Morse switch engine in 1971, and Jon saved this picture.

I didn't own a camera back then, but I saw this scene many times, often in the evening after school, with fading light.
It would be 5 years before I got a good 35mm camera, and then it still took time to practice night scenes.
Film and processing used to cost, I think, 30 cents for each picture or slide.
I sure like the modern digital cameras where I can see the final results in seconds and know if I should try another picture. And I can take as many as I want. .

As for locomotives, this area had some changes. The CNW left the area as abandonments took away their tracks from the west and then the east of Wausau.
Wisconsin Central served this plant, and I heard that their SD-35 went here for a while because they had real lugging power to get up that little hill north of the plant.
CN goes here now, but I haven't seen them. I don't live in the area, and I can suspect the switch job is in the evening becaue I saw a news story about an automobile / train accident in the early night near here.
And does CN come here just once a day?


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An FM locomotive switching at 3M Wausau in 1971

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This page was wrote in March, 2021; and shows old pictures.