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New London Drawbridge

New London Drawbridge

New London, Wisconsin, has a drawbridge over the Wolf River.
Its been a long time since this one opened. I don't even know if houseboats get this far.
Although, 10 miles downstream is the working drawbridge at Gills Landing.
You can see my web page of Gills Landing from 2013, but you will have to use BACK to return to this page directly.


The round stone center foundation is the best clue of its heritage.
The iron turntable is gone, replaced by black wood block cribbing.
I have a 35mm slide somewhere from the last century, but I did't find it and compare.
It always amazed me how drawbridges had to be built to allow river traffic, even though some never had to be opened.
This one is on a former CNW line.


I botched the picture from the city street.
The rails shine like there's a once-a-week train. Two pulp cars were in town (no picture taken of them).


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This page was wrote in March, 2015