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Train crossing a lot of water in Wisconsin Rapids

Train crossing a lot of water in Wisconsin Rapids

It's easy to see all the clay tank cars in storage at the Rapids First Street yard.
Every morning, a CN switch job crosses the Wisconsin River and picks up a few for the daily needs of the big paper mill.

In the limited amount of time I spend in the area, I was lucky
(. . . luck is when preparation meets opportunity)
to capture a scene that has been elusive.

I put up the quad copter at the park below the dam that makes the big pool,
and got a picture of the switch job pulling across the river.



It wouldn't be hard if I had a lot of time and sunny days without a wind.
And if trains sat still when you wanted them to.
My rig doesn't have remote down link viewing, its point and shoot by intervalometer.

This day had a light breeze from the east, so I could fly from street side which saved time setting up. And from the street I could see them moving across the river. Lower down in the park, I would be below the top of the dam and would only be guessing when they were on the bridge.
I usually fly for 3 minutes or less, to be sure to have enough battery to get the rig back on the ground safely. Battery life may not be worrysome for people who fly below treetop level and can gently plop a machine on the grass, but I like the view from above tree top level, and the height just gives me more time for foul language if the machine falls from the sky.

And I didn't get a picture of the Turkey Vulture that cruised just 30 feet above my quad.
A lot can happen in a minute.

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This page was photographed and wrote in early September, 2017.