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Locomotive WRFX 555 at Biron Mill

Locomotive WRFX 555 at Biron Mill

I passed by the ND (Nine Dragons) paper mill in Biron. Wisconsin.
August 20, 2021

The CanDo people still handle the switching.
(CN comes in about once a day to deliver and remove cars from that yard.)


I was hoping they would have replaced this yellow locomotive with one of those pretty blue lease switching engines that are occasionally hauled on the CN mainline through Point, but it seems those go to the sand plants, and not here.

At least it's not a trackmobile.



Looking south at the yard. That is a lot of 4-bay hoppers.
At least one is a pneumatic unloader, which could be starch to coat paper?
But I thought this mill was tending to make more of a cardboard box type of paper?


It's not a very big wood yard for aging the pulp wood.
A Lierbahr brand loader and cart hauls pulpwood to the debarker / chipping area.

Many red WRFX Catalyst boxcars


I don't know if the brown cars are inbound loads? of pulp bales or recycle paper?

? and the red are for outbound paper?


This end of the mill is fairly modern,
although there are a lot of recycle paper bales hiding the view.

The locomotive doesn't look any different than when I showed it last year,
Biron Paper Mill and Locomotive WFRX 555 in September 2020

Do they ever send it out for a 90-day inspection, or does that FRA rule only apply to 'mainline' locomotives?

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