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Auburndale Rail Trackmobile

Auburndale Rail Trackmobile

I had another trip out of town, but not very far.
A west bound CN roars by the farm cooperative east of Auburndale about 11am on a Friday.
One name for that is Auburndale Feed / Grain / Agronomy.
The area almost had all the snow melted away in early February, but after this, another 10 inches covered us. again.


Much of this track was installed with a development grant from the State of Wisconsin a few years ago.

There's a short double end siding from the mainline.

A 3-bay hopper, being unloaded.
The mile board is for Auburndale, west of here.


The facility has grown with 3 big Sioux steel bins.

Some of the older facility, which had a single spur for years for inbound loads of fertilizer.

TM 4500 trackmobile.
It does not quallify as a 'critter' (very small locomotive). Since it has road wheels, too.

In Auburndale, a local sits on the siding.
They have one covered hopper and 3 tank cars (maybe propane for the east side of Marshfield?)
I suppose the hopper would end up at the farm co-op later this day.


There are more trackmobiles in the area.
The old former Tex Sand frac sand transloader facility on the southeast side of Marshfield
is now called Texpar Energy.

This part looks like they are moving something from hoppers to semi trucks, not what I would expect.
And the framework on the left suggests what? A safety walk so men can service the top of rail cars?
Or is it related to the expanding Marshfield power generating facility south of here?
Is that their storage tank on the right? Is that an overhead pipe bridge?

Here's a link to what it used to be,
Completional frac sand in Marshfield in 2018, it was the former TexSand plant

And I think there's another critter at the other sand place by the main line, but I don't have a fresh picture of that.

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