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Rocky Run aerial view

Rocky Run aerial view

This year I made one visit to Rocky Run, the passing siding 3 miles west of Stevens Point.
This is what the east end looked like in 2016,
which is easy to drive to on old hiway 10, which is now County Road P.


The west end of the siding crosses on Deer Lane. This crossing is not shown accurately on Google maps yet.
The siding was lengthened and the road moved west a half mile, about ? 4 years ago ?
It even has gates and flashers, which is surprising considering it's just a town road with very few people living near here.
And I over exposed the pictures by mistake and did what little I could to bring them back to normal.


Looking far east, I see the tail end of a container stack train on the siding.
But the picture was so overexposed that I can't see the true horizon,
which would be more trees, or maybe even a little view of the blue Wisconsin River that is a mile away.


Looking west toward JO, Junction City, which is about 3 miles away

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This page was filmed in October and wrote in December, 2021