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Round House

Round House

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA.
Time for another look at the roundhouse area, I haven't done a kite aerial in about a year.
A working roundhouse in Wisconsin is quite rare now,
is there just Point, Fond du lac, Rapids (no turntable), and Butler?

I start in the Morton ball park.
If the weather is good, it is enough space to work with.


Here's a view from the depot to the roundhouse. The little yellow car mover loco is in the center door of the car shops.


The fuel tank area is progressing, there's two tank cars for diesel (on the left), that new house,
and there's two 12 foot diameter foundations where the big tank once stood.
Some later time, I will see how that is completed.


The 'new' (to this town) red ILSX 932 SW is paired up with a blue GT gp, and its all in the back row.


Here's the roundhouse. . . . . .The little yellow car mover loco has moved into view.


Looking further east. Notice the big white Copps FORMER warehouse beyond the tracks; there's no trucks there now, it closed.


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Roundhouse in 2008

East of the roundhouse in 2013

Car shop aerial view 2013

And I didn't find my 2006 page yet, where did I move / update that?

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This page was wrote in September, 2014