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Erie GE Plant

Erie GE Plant

My good friend Jon got to an NMRA model railroad convention and tour and then sent some pictures. Here's his story.

Hi everybody,

Here are a couple of photos from the tour of General Electrics Erie plant that I took during the recent NMRA convention in Cleveland. They dont give many tours of the plant (and they didnt let us go in any of the assembly buildings) but, as you can see, they did allow us to photograph many of the new units they are building. They are currently working 3 shifts per day and our guide told us that in spite of the new plant in Texas, they have no intention of closing Erie.

The black & white ES44AC named 'Roy Hill' is for Australia.

We got weird looks from many of the employees as we wound our way through that huge (and quite old) plant, but it was a great tour none-the-less.



The yellow units are exports for Mozambique (lettered CLN), though they do have an odd B+B and B+B wheel arrangement.
( Further away, it looks like narrow gauge trucks on flatcars. )


Paint shop.

The striped-faced units are more CitiRail leasers and are probably bound for BNSF, if recent loco trends are any indication.


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This page was wrote in August, 2014