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Wisconsins Rapids gets a Railroad Signal

Wisconsins Rapids gets a Railroad Signal

Rapids has something new, just north of town. Never had a signal like this before. CTC is coming to town.
I don't know when they will turn the heads into position and put it into service so northbound trains can use it.

This signal with 2 heads is placed just north of milepost 51. This is just beyond the yard limit
and can be seen when driving north along Wisconsin Highway 34 /13. This is former Milwaukee Road trackage.

Maybe this will help trains go on their way to Junction City. Anything that will help trains leave town faster would satisfy a lot of motorists who wait at street crossings.
About 4 sand trains and a coal train pass through town, and a CN freight, and a CNW freight or 2 on trackage rights.


Junction City is 10 miles north of here, where the next signals should be for southbound trains.
I haven't been there, is there anything new south of the diamond?
Or south of Hiawatha?

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This page was wrote in October, 2017.