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CREX 1320 in Wisconsin Rapids

CREX 1320 in Wisconsin Rapids

I saw some new locomotives in Wisconsin Rapids Jan 13, 2014.
It's a lot easier to see them than to take a picture of them after dark.
I didn't hang around more than 10 minutes, it was time to go home.

They came from the south, and their train had empty pulp wood flats and tank cars,
so I wonder if this was the local from Nekoosa.

They didn't pull all the way through the yard, and stayed in the shadows behind the orange EJE 672.


Maybe blue and white diagonal stripes, very reflective but my camera was getting cold and the focus slowed down.
And then they backed away out of sight.


The lead unit was CREX 1320, and the other one was similar.

Foot-high block letters say CITI RAIL on the long hood.

If they stay in the area, maybe I'll see them again and in more daylight.

It's exciting to see some new paint, and so white.


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wrote Jan, 2014