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Stockton Feed Mill

Stockton Feed Mill

I call it the Stockton Feed Mill, but it is currently Wolf River Grain in Stockton, Wisconsin.
They buy local corn and soybeans and ship it out. Corn can be tuned into ethanol. Or, grain can be exported.
They are a few miles east of Stevens Point, and a mile east of Orchard siding.
September, 2021

I tried some aerial views, but the results weren't as good as I expected.
Too many leaves were on the trees yet, and this was early October.


The local from Point to Amherst Juntion was switching here at 2 pm.
They had 2 locomotives today; I wouldn't normally expect that for a switch job.
They didn't get any closer to the bins and loading area, so I suspect some car mover system is in use to move in empties and place loads on the far track; maybe by a cable puller or wheel loader?


Looking east, I can't even see the mainline until it goes straight under County Hiway J in the distance.


Then, I dug out my older pictures of Stockton, from 2008, and see that I had better views back then.
CN ballast hoppers were stored in the siding.
And a train is coming around the curve in the woods.

But the buildings have changed. This is 2008. Scroll right to see this panoramic view.
At the right / east side of the picture, there was a field in 2008. Now there is long paved driveway across the field and over the wooded hill to connect with County Hiway J on the horizon, that's their main entrance now.

The train was movng west.

In 2005, the checkerboard feed mill was still standing, at the west (left) end of the complex
In the 2008 picture above, just the elevator legs and round steel bins remained.

The mainline bridge had just been updated / replaced in 2005; the wood trestles had been replaced with steel piles and concrete caps.

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